About Us

The Incense..

Our Incense sticks are hand-rolled in the traditional way in India, using essential oils and other natural ingredients which comply with the guidelines of the International Fragrance Association, Geneva, Switzerland.  All the packaging is made of hand-made recycled paper.  By buying this product you are helping to support an educational project and bring much needed business to rural areas of India.


Who are we?

Earth Works is an ethical company based in Belfast Northern Ireland.  We buy from families, small groups and recognised IFAT – fair trade – suppliers in different parts of Asia.  We started off in 1993 in a little shop in Botanic Avenue in the University area of Belfast – now we supply lots of shops all over Ireland and GB.

The Serious Stuff

Earth Works is very personal to all of us and reflects a way of thinking and living and the business reflects our value system. Our products reflect our ethical and environmental principles -  our newspaper bags are made from recycled material, our paper products from India are made from recycled cotton rags (off-cuts from the underwear industry if you must know!).  All our products are made from either natural or recycled materials and they are sourced from small scale family run or IFAT recognised suppliers.  We are also members of BAFTS Importer’s Directory.

We believe strongly in business that provides mutual benefit to all involved in the trading chain. Again our way of thinking has led to a business that puts people first.  We believe our friendly approach does make us different from other businesses in a trading environment that is getting increasingly hard sell and intrusive.

Back to business

We have newspaper bags made in a project that supports Delhi's street kids - we have hand carved stone products made by our IFAT partners in Delhi - these include boxes, incense holders and oils burners - we have incense handrolled in the traditional way in South India all packaged in recycled cotton paper pouches. f you want jewellery, we have beautiful hand-made silver jewellery made by artists in India. The guy who owns the business provides great working conditions for his staff and he makes two great pots of Dahl and feeds 150 people living on the street every day!That's why we continue to buy from this great guy......and we have so much more - so please have a look and enjoy!...the link to other products on the Earth Works Ireland website is via the logo near the bottom of this incense homepage (alongside our BAFTS accreditation).


EARTH WORKS is also affiliated with BANSHEE SILVER, a small business specialising in handmade jewellery designed by silversmith, Una O'Boyle, and inspired by the ancient traditions of the Celts. To take a look, see www.bansheesilver.com or e mail una@bansheesilver.com

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